Element Herrenuhr mit glänzendem Zifferblatt AK957
475,00 USD

This classically designed Akribos timepiece features a fascinating cushion-shaped case and a beautif..

Element Herrenuhr mit Lederarmband und Ziffernblatt mit Farbverlauf AK916
395,00 USD

This watch utilizes a classic configuration, but seamlessly combines it with contemporary style. Its..

Element Herrenuhr mit glitzerndem Zifferblatt AK948
365,00 USD

This women's timepiece from Akribos utilizes a larger 43mm case design with a beautiful polished fin..

Element Herrenuhr mit glänzendem Armband AK941
495,00 USD

A classic timepiece demands excellence in every aspect of its construction, and this Akribos timepie..

Enterprise Multifunktions-Herrenarmband mit strassverzierter Lünette und Zifferblatt AK900
725,00 USD

This rugged and stylish men's timepiece from Akribos features a beautifully polished case adorned wi..

Enterprise Multifunktionsuhr mit römischen Ziffern AK919
495,00 USD
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The epitome of contemporary style and design, this Akribos timepiece utilizes a bold 45mm case that ..

Enterprise Rechteckige Herrenuhr mit Milanaise-Armband AK918
465,00 USD

This modern timepiece was inspired by urban cities and the fashion trends that come out of them. The..

Essential Retrograde 24 Stunden Leder AK913
565,00 USD

A classic design with modern flair, this beautifully crafted timepiece utilizes a 42mm case with a h..

Essential Armbanderweiterung für Herrenuhr mit Lünette - AK946
465,00 USD

This vintage timepiece from Akribos features a rich and ornate design. The smooth, polished case mea..

Extremis Herren-Chronograf mit Lünette AK910
695,00 USD

The rugged construction of this sporty timepiece can be seen and felt in the intricate details place..

Extremis Diver Style Herrenuhr mit leuchtenden Markierungen AK947
425,00 USD

A diver style watch is in a class of its own, and this Akribos timepiece is proof of that. The bold ..

Omni Herrenuhr mit Multifunktions-Milanaise-Armband AK944
695,00 USD

This Akribos timepiece boasts a beautiful and classic design with its polished 42mm case and matte f..