Ador Kollektion

Ador Klassische Damenuhr mit Zifferblatt mit Sonnenschliff und Lederarmband AK921
365,00 USD

Classic construction with a modern flair, this Akribos timepiece utilizes a 38mm case with a hi..

Ador Damenuhr mit robustem Gehäuse, glitzerndem Zifferblatt und Armband AK929
485,00 USD

A unique finish can mean the difference between a good watch and a great one. This fascinating women..

Ador Damenuhr mit glitzerndem Zifferblatt und Milanaise-Armband AK930
375,00 USD

This women's timepiece is a brilliant addition to Akribos' collections. It features a 38mm case with..

Ador Multifunktions-Damenuhr mit glitzerndem Zifferblatt AK908
485,00 USD

This women's timepiece is known as a "boyfriend watch", which utilizes a larger case size that measu..